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This guide covers the Wailing Tree event that takes place in the Earth outdoor map in Remnant: From the Ashes covering how to claim both of the associated rewards, the Bark Skin traitand Twisted Idol amulet. You will also find instructions for how to find the entrance, descriptions of the rewards found, and a video guide of the event.


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Supply Run | The Root Mother | The Root Shrine | Wailing Tree

Finding the Wailing Tree

Approaching the The Wailing Tree, while wearing the Twisted Mask in the event of the same name in the video game, Remnant: From the Ashes.
Approaching the The Wailing Tree, while wearing the Twisted Mask.

The Wailing Tree is one of three different locations that can spawn in the outdoor area of the Earth map, in the mid-map section where you will often find a gate locked from one direction and a second checkpoint. The other two possible locations that can spawn, is Mudtooth’s Hideout and the “empty” outdoor spawn which is basically a bunch of shacks and makeshift walls that forms a courtyard, without much else of interest.

If you are rolling Adventure Mode and have already received the Cryptolith Sigil, then the Cryptolith Tower can also spawn, making the Wailing Tree compete with an additional location for the single outdoor spawn point. If you want to increase your chances, it would probably be best to roll Story Mode, since it limits the possibilities to three while giving you two separate outdoor locations per roll.

When you come upon the Wailing Tree, the minimap takes on a distinct thin shape, due to the canyon behind it and the road will start to raise and and get thinner at the same time. You’ll find the Tree sitting at the edge of the cliff right next to the checkpoint and gate.

Checkpoint - The Wailing Tree Earth Event Guide - Remnant From the Ashes
Coming upon the middle map checkpoint with the Wailing Tree spawned.

Event Overview

There are two different ways you can go about completing the Wailing Tree event on Earth, each way providing a different reward, but you can only pick one per encounter. If you choose the basic path, which involves just fighting the Wailing Tree, you and everyone in the party will receive the Twisted Idol amulet. If you choose the alternate reward, the Bark Skin trait, only one player is able to unlock it at a time, and it involves a two step process to first obtain the Twisted Mask, detailed further below in the Bark Skin section.

Fighting the Tree

To begin the normal fight version of the event, all you have to do is start shooting at the tree. It has a fair bit of health, but doesn’t fight back at all, with weak spots present on the red bulbous areas. What will happen however, is the tree will begin to summon minions to attack you and try to stop you.

If you can use summon mods or team mates to block the incoming mobs, one person can burn the tree down fairly quickly as long as their character isn’t still very early on gear wise. Using a mod like hotshot and damage other increasing effects, especially if multiple people burn the tree down together, can kill it quick enough to prevent spawns from really threatening you to begin with.

If a quick kill isn’t an option for you, the aforementioned summon mods like Seed CallerBeckoner or Very Good Boy can be helpful to help keep enemies distracted, while using bleed or fire elemental damage to leave DoT effects on the tree when you need to focus on mobs. You’ll mostly end up facing Root Hollows and Root Devils.

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The Twisted Idol amulet in Remnant: From The Ashes.
Event Reward #1

Twisted Idol

Increase Armor Effectiveness by 30%
Reduces Encumbrance by 15

The Twisted Idol amulet is unlocked upon killing the Wailing Tree, which also kills off any remaining enemies in the are that were spawned by the event itself. This is really a great defensive amulet to have and helped keep me alive through a large portion of the game until I was better able to up my defenses through earned trait points and better crafted gear. Would be even more in-demand for players wanting to try a hardcore run.

The Bark Skin passive trait, in the video game Remnant: From the Ashes.
Event Reward #2

Bark Skin Trait

Increases Armor Effectiveness

The Bark Skin trait is definitely one of the best traits to find in the game, significantly helping your survival in the long run with out taking any gear slots. To unlock this trait, you or whoever wants to unlock it, will need to first have acquired the Twisted Mask from the Mad Merchant at Junktown. This is important as will need to wear the mask in your head gear slot, then approach the tree.

With the mask on, you will be able to interact with the tree, which starts a cinematic that has it talking to you, before it grabs you to infuse your character with the Bark Skin trait. As I mentioned above, this only unlocks for the person interacting with the tree and afterwards, it will die off, forcing a re-roll to find it again.

If you shoot the tree at any point, beginning the combat version of the event, you will not be able to use this method to get the trait, without remaking or reloading the game.

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Unlocking Bark Skin – Wailing Tree Video Guide

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