Handling – Passive Trait Guide

Handling - Passive Trait Icon - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
Remnant: From the Ashes – Passive Trait Guide


-1% Spread & Recoil Per Level
-20% Spread & Recoil at maximum level (20)

Handling’s Scrap Bonus Effect

A more limited bonus depending on the weapon you’re using, Handling definitely has a greater effect on rapid fire weapons prone to missing shots on medium to long range targets due to their kick. Weapons like the SMG, Assault Rifle and Chicago Typewriter will obviously benefit the most due to their rapid fire nature, with others like the Shotgun and Coachgun getting a reduction to their kickback making for better follow up shots. This trait does not increase their range, so while it may make the shot spreads tighter (haven’t confirmed this fully) it still wont prevent the sharp falloffs of damage experienced with those weapons at range.

Handling - Level 20 Passive Trait Card - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
The Handling passive trait at level 20.

How to Find the Handling Trait

Handling is automatically unlocked after acquiring any 10 ranged weapons with your character. You can purchase a couple of the basic ones from the Ward 13 vendors. From there, most bosses killed will drop a crafting material that allows McCabe to craft a boss weapon for you, many of them being ranged.

McCabe - Ward 13 Merchant - Remnant From the Ashes Video Game
McCabe in Ward 13

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