Armor Piercer – Passive Trait Guide

Armor Piercer - Passive Trait Icon - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
Remnant: From the Ashes – Passive Trait Guide


+1% Damage To Armor Per Level
+20% Damage To Armor at maximum level (20)

Armor Piercer’s Armor Damage Bonus Effect

Another new trait added in the Subject 2923 Pre-DLC patch, Armor Piercer helps increase damage done to armored sections of enemies, usually seen by their grey damage numbers. Stands in line with the Kingslayer, Executioner and Exploiter traits to help provide a considerable flat bonus to your damage dealing.

Not all enemies have armored sections on them and even those that do, you should always be trying to aim for their unarmored or weakspot sections anyways. Since nobody’s perfect of course, or when facing enemies that have an abundance of armored areas (like the Iskal Queen) Armor Piercer helps you out in those moments for sure.

Armor Piercer - Level 20 Passive Trait Card - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
The Armor Piercer passive trait at level 20.

How to Find the Armor Piercer Trait

To unlock Armor Piercer, you need to deal a collective 5,000 damage to the armored sections of enemies. The fastest way of getting to that number would probably be playing through Rhom and going through the outdoor areas where you’ll find a lot of the spear-men and large elephant tusk melee guys, that wear the deer skull masks. Those masks are their armored sections, and they are easy to see and focus on, netting you a lot of progress towards Armor Piercer.

Another alternative to try to farm if it is more your liking, the Unclean One boss in Corsus has a big armored belly that is easy enough to shoot. It could be possible to unlock the trait in one or two battles if you focus on aiming at his armored sections, given the large amount of health it has.

Other than those two fast options, Armor Piercer is definitely going to unlock through normal play, even if you don’t go out of your way to get it, since you’ll frequently end up contributing to it just attacking the things you normally do.

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