Cold As Ice – Passive Trait Guide

Cold As Ice - Passive Trait Icon - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
Remnant: From the Ashes – Passive Trait Guide


+0.5% Backstab Damage Per Level
+10% Backstab Damage at maximum level (20)

Cold As Ice’s Backstab Damage Bonus Effect

Cold As Ice can be both difficult to get and limited in its use, however when it comes into play, can help with the other stacking bonuses along with a lucky critical hit, to apply big damage to a target. Definitely more valuable for people playing a lot of co-op games, since you’ll rarely see the backs of enemies in single player, unless they haven’t yet aggressed you.

Since this works on enemies already engaged as long as you are shooting or striking them from behind, it makes you able to take advantage of a boss chasing one of your allies around, limiting the amount of kiting they’ll have to do, which I’m sure they’d thank you for if they could.

Cold As Ice - Level 20 Passive Trait Card - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
The Cold As Ice passive trait at level 20.

How to Find the Cold As Ice Trait

To get Cold As Ice you will need to encounter the world boss Brabus in Earth Story Mode, with a co-op player coming along with you. When you encounter Brabus you will be commanded to fire on your team-mate before the fight begins, unless you have the Pocket Watch, which provides a friendly outcome that results in the Bandit Armor Set received, and must be used in this interaction, then the world re-rolled, with Brabus found again without the Pocket Watch in your inventory, to allow the fight to happen.

You will need to win the fight against your team-mate and down them to unlock the Cold as Ice Trait. Only the winning player will receive it, so having more than one team member is not advisable if you can avoid it, unless they are working with you. Also choosing not to fight your ally, which eventually starts the boss fight itself, will not result in anyone getting the trait.

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