Exploiter – Passive Trait Guide

Exploiter - Passive Trait Icon - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
Remnant: From the Ashes – Passive Trait Guide


+1% Weakspot Damage Per Level
+20% Weakspot Damage at maximum level (20)

Exploiter’s Weakspot Damage Bonus Effect

Most enemies have specific weakspots located somewhere on their bodies, sometimes only vulnerable at certain points in time. If you can learn where these are as you play the game, you will put out significantly more damage focusing on trying to hit them when possible.

Getting Exploiter will increase the damage bonus you get from shooting a weakspot (melee hits cant target weakspots) which in turn, stacks with the multiplier from critical hit bonuses. Because of this stacking effect, grabbing Exploiter after maxing out Executioner and Kingslayer will allow you to land absolutely devastating hits on enemies when you crit them with a weakspot hit at the same time, something that becomes relatively easy to do as you learn where to shoot and have these traits maxed out.

Exploiter - Level 20 Passive Trait Card - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
The Exploiter passive trait at level 20.

How to Find the Exploiter Trait

Exploiter is obtained by defeating 150 enemies through weakspot damage. Landing the killing blow with a weakspot hit is actually quite easy and should happen naturally within a few hours of regular play, as weakspot hits, shown to you in red numbers, do large amounts of damage that reduce their health significantly, if not one-shoting them entirely.

Weakspot Damage - Gameplay Concepts - Remnant From the Ashes
Weakspot hits showing up as large red damage numbers.

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