Mad Merchant - Appoach - (Junktown) Earth Vendor - Remnant From the Ashes Video Game
The Mad Merchant in Junk Town.

Finding Junk Town

Junktown is a very small, single room dungeon that seems to spawn in both the dungeon boss and event slots. The type of dungeon entrance you are looking for in this case, is one of the sewer manhole cover type entrances. There are some other dungeons and events that share a similar-looking entrance, but they are often minor distinctions between them, and more importantly, you will always find the Mad Merchant within an entrance that looks like this. Being able to rule out options that are definitely something else, allows you to skip over the other entrance types if you are just trying to get this one spawn in your game.

Entrance - Mad Merchant (Junktown) Earth Vendor - Remnant From the Ashes Video Game
The sewer entrance of Junk Town.

Items Sold by the Mad Merchant

The Mad Merchant doesn’t have anything particularly notable to sell. Still, if you are in need of crafting materials, he has a moderate stock of the various Irons, relative to your gear level. If you need any of these, make sure to buy them before you start hounding him about the mask.

Inventory - Mad Merchant (Junktown) Earth Vendor - Remnant From the Ashes Video Game
The Mad Merchant sells assorted irons for crafting.

How to get the Twisted Mask

The Twisted Mask head piece, part of the Twisted Armor Set of equipment items in the video game, Remnant: From the Ashes.
The Twisted Mask head piece used in the Wailing Tree event.

The Twisted Mask is a special armor piece that is part of the Twisted Armor set, and assists with unlocking the Bark Skin trait, using the Wailing Tree event. As far as the armor set goes, it’s actually a 4th piece, being a second headgear item, something unique to that set. You really don’t want to use the mask as part of that armor set once you get the proper headpiece as the stats of this one are much lower.

To get the Twisted Mask, start a conversation with the Mad Merchant and ask him questions related to the mask. He will get more agitated as you do so, and upon demanding the mask from him, he will react violently and engage you in combat. The fight is a pretty easy one to win, and once you have, you will receive the mask.

Later, during the Wailing Tree event, you can interact with the tree while wearing the mask, and it will grant you the Bark Skin trait.

Mad Merchant - Asking Mask - (Junktown) Earth Vendor - Remnant From the Ashes Video Game
Pursue asking questions about the Mad Merchant’s mask to begin the fight.
Mad Merchant - Fighting - (Junktown) Earth Vendor - Remnant From the Ashes Video Game
Asking him about the mask starts this fight, which is pretty easy. He uses some sort of shotgun as far as I can tell.

Video Guide for Getting the Twisted Mask and Unlocking Bark Skin

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