Mud Tooth 1 - (Mud Tooth's Hideout) Earth Vendor - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
Mud Tooth

Finding Mud Tooth’s Hideout

Mud Tooth’s hideout is capable of spawning in either Adventure or Story Mode of Earth, in the special outdoor location slot on the map. While the events, dungeons, and world bosses make up the zoned location spawns are talked about frequently in how the world rolls in the game work, it isn’t often mentioned that there is a fourth slot reserved for the outdoor, mid-area checkpoint location, actually making 4 different types of locations rolled in Adventure Mode.

Head towards the center of the outdoor Earth map, the portion that is usually blocked off in one direction by a door that requires beating the area’s dungeon boss to open. If Mud tooth’s Hideout has spawned, you will be able to see it from a distance, as it consists of a downed helicopter sitting inside of a gigantic root structure with big tendrils you can see from more than a block away. The mid-map checkpoint crystal will be at the base of the structure, and you can find a set of stairs leading up to the cockpit of the helicopter where you will find Mud Tooth.

If you encounter the Wailing Tree or the “empty” outdoor spawn which consists of a bunch of random shacks in a fenced in area, you will need to roll again or check the second map if in Story Mode.

Mud Tooth 2 - (Mud Tooth's Hideout) Earth Vendor - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
Mud Tooth’s Hideout can be picked out easily from a distance due to the massive root structure.
Helicopter and checkpoint - Mud Tooth (Mud Tooth's Hideout) Earth Vendor - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
Inside the courtyard area showing the checkpoint and the stairs leading to the helicopter.

Items Sold

  • Ammo Box – 200 Scrap
    Replenishes ammo on use.
  • Mud Tooth’s Stew – 500 Scrap
    Increases Stamina for 60 minutes.
  • Mud Tooth’s Tonic – 500 Scrap
    Increases Health for 60 minutes.

The Ammo Box can be found in many other places, but is handy to have access to if you were running low in the field. The other two items sold, Mud Tooth’s Stew and Tonic, are unique to him and are the first of the hour-long buff potions that players are likely to encounter. These are all worth stocking up on when you have the scrap to spare, as the benefits they grant persist through death and last 60 minutes each, providing strong bonuses that are basically like being able to equip an extra ring per potion.

Inventory - Mud Tooth (Mud Tooth's Hideout) Earth Vendor - Remnant From the Ashes (Video Game)
Mud Tooth sells two unique buff potions worth stocking up on.

How to Get the Pocket Watch

  • Increases Stamina Regen by 20 per second.
  • Reduces Stamina cost by 20%

The Pocket Watch is a special amulet that also serves as a quest item to attain the Bandit Armor set. In order to get the Pocket Watch from Mud Tooth, engage him in conversation and continue to ask him, “Got any more stories to share?” until he runs out of tales to tell. This takes a fair bit, even skipping past a lot of the dialogue, but some of it is kind of interesting. Eventually, he will thank you for listening to all of his tales and offer you the Pocket Watch as a token of his gratitude.

To get the Bandit Armor set, you will need to encounter the dungeon boss, Brabus, on Earth, which may or may not spawn in the same run. Encountering Brabus with the Pocket Watch in your inventory will lead to some dialogue options that allow you to exchange it for the special armor.

Pocket Watch - Amulet Item - Remnant From the Ashes Video Game
Pocket Watch (Amulet)

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